CNC Machine Shop Services


Using a reputable, experienced CNC Machine Shop near you can be a life saver when it comes to repairing molds and tool and die work. Our CNC machining services and experience are both broad, in terms of abilities, and narrow, in terms of levels of expertise.

Whether you are looking for CNC machining or precision welding services, we take a look at your project, assess the options, turnaround time and cost, and provide you with the best recommendation, based upon our extensive expertise.

Having an experienced machine shop to look at your project, part, mold or die and give you an accurate estimate on the best technology and method to get you back up to speed can be essential.

If you are looking for a quality CNC machine shop that does great work and fast turnaround, we would be happy to take a look at your project and needs.

Please give us a call at 909-590-5923 or fill out the short form and one of our experienced machinists will follow up with you ASAP.

CNC Equipment List

  • Okuma — Genos L250II-e
  • Okuma — Genos L300-M
  • Okuma — Crown L1420
  • HAAS — ST25

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