Micro Laser Welding

micro laser welding machine

B&D Precision provides expert micro laser welding services in Pomona, CA. Our team has the technical knowledge and eye for detail to get your micro laser welding job done right the first time.

We use state-of-the-art micro laser welding machinery that allows us to perform even the most intricate welding applications. Micro laser welding prevents over-penetration and damage to substrates and it can be used with a wider range of materials than micro TIG welding, including ferrous and nonferrous materials. It’s an ideal choice for repairs because it uses less heat than many other methods of welding, which results in a smaller heat-affected zone, little weld sink and distortion, and minimal discoloration. Micro laser welding also excels in repairing polished and textured surfaces.

How Micro Laser Welding Works

Micro TIG welding uses electricity to make welds, but micro laser welding uses high energy light to melt material. This means that materials that don’t have to have the ability to conduct electricity can be micro laser welded. Once the laser light energy hits the weld joint, it is converted to thermal energy, which forms the weld spot in a matter of milliseconds. This speed is why laser welding generates little heat.

We can weld together materials as thin as 0.002 inches with our micro laser welding technique. Micro laser welding is used in the automotive industry, for medical devices, in the electronics industry, and for aerospace applications.

Why Choose B&D Precision

When it comes to micro laser welding, experience counts. B&D Precision has been in the welding business since 1983, providing our customers with exceptional service and competitive prices for nearly 40 years. We combine years of on-the-job knowledge with a passion for new technology; because we stay up-to-date on the latest advances in our industry, you can be assured that you’re always getting the highest quality work.

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