Micro TIG Welding

man in green shirt sitting at machine doing micro tig welding

B&D Precision provides expert micro TIG welding services in Pomona, CA. Our skilled team has the technical know-how and eye for detail to get the job done right. Micro TIG welding is a skill that is difficult to master, but our team has extensive experience, resulting in strong, high quality welds.

TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding is typically used for stainless steel and nonferrous material with a thinner gauge. Micro TIG is a specialized type of TIG welding commonly used for small, detailed pieces that are not suited for traditional TIG welding, or for applications where it’s necessary to reduce the potential for warping in the heat-affected zone. It allows for precise work, utilizing 0.005” diameter welding wire. 

This type of welding involves a non-consumable tungsten electrode that is used to produce a high-temperature plasma arc, creating the weld. It’s ideal for repairs, as it leaves little evidence behind—any sink that occurs after micro TIG welding is almost imperceptible.

How Micro TIG Welding Works

Because micro TIG welding is performed at such a small scale, a microscope must be used in order to make the welds. Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) yields less warping on the heat-affected zone of thin inserts and cores thanks to its low amperage inputs and small diameter wires. Because it can provide a smaller weld size for a large surface area, it has little impact on metal alloy properties.

Our micro TIG welders provide services for the aircraft industry, manufacturers (particularly those that use molds and dies as part of their manufacturing process), the electronics industry, and to repair tools. 

Why Choose B&D Precision

B&D Precision has been providing micro welding services since 1983. We’ve been in business for nearly four decades because we provide our customers with exceptional service at competitive prices. Our team keeps up-to-date on the newest technologies and techniques in micro welding and machining, so you’ll always know you’re getting the highest quality work, performed to the latest industry standards.

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