Laser Welding Core PinsThis job came to us from a customer from Northern California. The customer was in great of need repairing some brand new core pins that were machined out of speck and would be scraped if we couldn’t save them.
It was a groove .010 wide on a tapper with a .008 radius at the bottom, it needed to be laser welded without any distortion to the part. 
This would represent a very difficult job for anyone in the laser welding industry – do to the length and diameter restrictions.
We ended up taking the job and were able to laser weld to fill the groove with out any voids in the product.
Laser Welding Core PinsThe customer was then able to grind the weld back to the existing diameter without any sink or distortion on all 6 parts required due to the consistency throughout our laser welding process.
We were able to service the customer with these requirements that allowed zero scrap and no need to remake – saving them a lot of time and money.