OD - ID Grinding, Pomona, Ca.O.D. – I.D. Grinding

Precision welding projects may sometimes include precision grinding work to meet the project specs.

Inside Diameter/Outside Diameter (ID/OD) universal grinders belong to the center type family of cylindrical grinding machines. The basic construction of a universal grinding machine is almost same as a plain grinding machine. However, some advanced features and auxiliary attachments make the first one suitable to execute more universal machining processes.

The principle difference between these two types of cylindrical grinding machines is this: Both the wheel head and work head can be swiveled in universal type grinders, where plain grinders don’t offer this feature.

Universal grinders are generally classified into two types regardless of their applications: Inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD) universal grinders. The grinding that occurs on the external faces or outside diameters of an object is frequently called OD grinding. This is done by the periphery of the grinding wheel. On the other hand, ID grinding systems are used to grind the inside diameter of an object.

Universal grinders are best suited for tool room applications because of their very high versatility. These machines can execute face, internal, and surface grinding. This includes tapered surface grinding using auxiliary attachments.