Laser Welding Pomona, Ca.Great article on Science Daily about the technology behind laser welding, it’s use and applications. For anyone who uses or needs this technology for products, work, etc. this article gives great detail and insight into the process. This is an emerging technology and has many implications regarding uses and potential.

“On its surface, the work is deceptively simple: Shoot a high-power laser beam onto a piece of metal for a fraction of a second and see what happens. But researchers say the physics of laser welding is surprisingly complex. A better understanding of the interaction between laser and metal could give industry more control over laser welding, a technology that is becoming increasingly popular in manufacturing.

For the past three years, scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have been collecting data on the most fundamental aspects of laser welding. The scope of their study is narrow, but the measurements of this complicated process are more accurate and comprehensive than any data ever collected on the subject, the researchers say.”

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*Photo Credit: Paul Williams/NIST