Micro TIG (micro tungsten inert gas) welding , also called pulse arc welding, is an arc-welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce an arc which creates the actual weld.

Micro TIG welding is a non-contact process, which, like laser welding, requires an external fixture to apply force to create proper part fit-up. It utilizes a welding power supply with a constant current and produces high quality welds with minimal heat affected zones by generating arcs between the workpiece and the tungsten electrode, and using the resultant heat to actually create the joint.

Micro TIG processes usually focus on welding very small parts of area. These are usually delicate parts in the automotive, medical, or electronics industry. 

There are many advantages to Micro TIG welding. For example, it’s a solder-free process and the resultant weld is highly durable when exposed to vibration and heat.

This type of welding is commonly used for Medical, Military, Space, and consumer products like Surgery equipment, Ocular products, high performance products and other markets.